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The numbers from this chart will help give you a good idea of normal blood glucose ranges; however, you may want to ask your health care provider where exactly your range should be at (during each of the above events). It is important to receive frequent testing as this can reduce the risk of having complications from your diabetes. Sugar All carbohydrates, both complex and simple (like sugars), affect blood sugar. While complex carbohydrates raise blood sugar slower and simple sugars can more easily spike blood sugar, the most important factor for those with diabetes is the total amount of carbohydrate you consume. Diabetes educators agree that sugars, including white, brown, powdered, honey, syrups, molasses and fructose can all be included in your meal planning. For any healthy diet, the American Dietary Guidelines recommend no more than 8 to 10 teaspoons per day of added sugars. Moreover, the added sugar content of candy, sodas, and desserts can cause you to easily exceed the recommendations of both the dietary guidelines and your carbohydrate-conscious diet. A small-sized Halloween treat bag or bar averages 2 to 3 teaspoons of added sugar (and 10 grams of carbohydrate), a single chocolate bar has 6 to 7 teaspoons (22 to 30 grams of carbs), and single serving package of Skittles has whopping 11 teaspoons of sugar (45 grams of carbs). In order to healthfully consume foods with sugar: Keep added sugars to a minimum. Eat small portions and make it a once in a while treat. Be sure to keep track of your total carbohydrates. If you must have a sugary treat, be sure to switch out other carbohydrates in your meal plan. When possible, satisfy your sweet tooth without added sugar. Fresh fruit is naturally sweet and contains fiber as well as vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients that are
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